Nunu Ethiopian
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This is Nunu


Celebrating Nunu’s tenth (and 28th year of Nunu herself Working as a professional chef)anniversary .

We bring a contemporary approach to Ethiopian and North East African cuisine- we work to make food that is honest, Tasty, healthy and light with unobtrusive and efficient service.

In keeping with Ethiopian philosophy, our menu is based on freshness, seasonality and, where possible, organic sourcing.

During the summer months, a lot of our produce comes from the family farm in Oakville. Our chicken and beef are non-aged Mennonite when practical.

Our menu is CONVENIENTLY divided into Herbivore and CARNIVORE.

All herbivore dishes are properly vegan using vegetable based Ghee.


Online Menu

All prices subject to change. We devote our energy to making great food and making our customers happy - not coding websites.

Gluten free injera is available - a 5$ surcharge applies.


All herbivore dishes are properly vegan - we use only vegetable Ghee. If you are OK with dairy or not please tell us when you make your order.


Lentil Sambusa with Salad 8

Insalata Nunu 11

East African Onion Soup 9


Misto Vegetarian 18

Shiro Wat 13.5

Yekik Wat 13.5

Gommen Wat 13.5

Keysir 13.5

Azefa 13.5

Misr 13.5

Fascia 13.5



Sambusa (Lentil or Beef) 8

East African Black Bean Soup 9

Kitfo Appetizer 13


Misto Meat 20

Misto Misto 23

Couscous 21

Kitfo Main 18

Tips 16

Doro Alicia 16

Doro Wat 16

Key Wat 16

Nunu Destegna Doro (Happy Chicken) 19



1178 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, M6J 1J2

Located three blocks east of Dufferin Street between the Drake and Gladstone Hotels


Tue – Sat, 5 pm – 11 pm (kitchen closes)

Closed Sunday & Mondays


Call for reservations - we will call you back if you leave a message.

We are no longer doing Opentable reservations due to the high cost of their service.

(647) 351-6868 or (647) 351-6870 if the first number is busy